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VR Suction Liner System features all necessary options. All of them are suitable for serial connection.

VR Suction Liners are available in capacities of 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 3000 ml. VR Suction Liners are PVC-free.

All VR components are compatible with each other and calibrated to function together.

VR disposable Suction Liner requires only one connection. Being easy to connect there is no risk of misconnection. After use it is easy to disconnect and cap.

VR Suction Liners are equipped with a dual function filter valve. The filter acts simultaneously as an over-flow barrier. The filter closes automatically when it comes in contact with fluids and acts as a bacteria barrier. The lining of the suction liner is made of thin but strong polyethylene film. VR Suction System adds to patient safety with a simple and fast tube connection. VR Suction Liners can be easily connected in a serial chain giving almost unlimited suction capacity. A special serial tube with a wide-angle connector connects on to the serial port on the lid. Owing to the product compatibility and serial tube design the standard liner can be used for serial connection.

A closed system is ideal in preserving high hygienic standards. The robust structure and resistant materials of the Canisters allow adequate cleaning. Due to the reliable plug and strong lifting handle the disposal of the liner is very safe. Since the material is environmentally friendly they can be.

Due to the integrated product range the small number of product references enables better stock control . Therefore the VR Suction System is very cost–effective to manage.

1. Trolly  2. Canister  3. Trolly base  4. Liner

  Product Information
Product number Product name Volume Packing size
VR Suction Liners
VR60711000 NPSL1 1000 ml 36 / 216 pcs
VR60711500 NPSL1 1500 ml 36 / 216 pcs
VR60712000 NPSL1 2000 ml 24 / 144 pcs
VR60713000 NPSL1 3000 ml 24 / 144 pcs
VR Suction Canisters
VR60721000 NPSC1 1000 ml 32 pcs
VR60721500 NPSC1 1500 ml 32 pcs
VR60722000 NPSC1 2000 ml 16 pcs
VR60723000 NPSC1 3000 ml 16 pcs
VR Connection
VR60751 NPST1   25 / 750 pcs
VR60752 NPVT1   10 pcs
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