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Heat and Moisture Exchanger & Filter
The VR HME(F) testing is done in accordance with ISO 9360 standard. The products are 100% inspected and tested to assure the user of reliable performance.

Streamline shell design: Low resistance, No dead angle, Small dead space


Superior filtration technology: High efficiency filtration media, Bacterialfiltration performance >99.999*, Vrus filtration performance >99.99(tested and verified by the USA Nelson Laboratory)

Unique shell welding technology: 100% tested, preventing air leackage or bypass

High grade K resin shell: greater strength, clear appearance, smoother surface


Polyester foam moisture exchanger element with proprietary pretreatment: Large, high efficiency exchanger surface, providing excellent humidification efficiency

Gas sampling port: Luer port design
Comparison of product performance index
【1 】Data from<Wilkes Report: an assessment of 104 breathing system filters> Mar 2004.
【2 】The BFE of the competitive HMEFs listed here are all greater than 99.99%.
【3 】Tidal Volume Range of VR003 is 200-1500ML; Tidal Volume Range of Competitor 1 is 300-1200; no data for competitor 2.

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